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Of Hustle and Heart- The Of Heart Series #1

BYA Series: The Of Heart Series

Of Hustle and Heart- The Of Heart Series #1
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Of Hustle and Heart explores romantic relationships along with other issues of modern life in a way that highlights the complexities encountered by many young people today. With chapters alternating between the viewpoints of Zina and Zack, the story keeps you engaged in learning the fate of characters who are striving to reconcile their innermost feelings with their personal ethics and life situations—and facing difficult choices in a world where black and white so often fade to gray.

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BYA Series: The Of Heart Series

Absolution of the Heart- The of Heart series #2
Official Cover Coming Soon!

Zina wishes her strength would’ve held up a little longer. But when shitty things happen sometimes that’s hard to do. Now eighteen and out on her own—well, besides low-key living with her super-secret-older-boyfriend, Zina struggles to find absolution and control in the dumpster-fire that was once her life. … and because of Zacarias, one thing’s for sure, she’ll never-ever trust another pretty-face poser again. -sequel to Of Hustle and Heart

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Absolution of the Heart- The of Heart series #2
Blue Smoke and Lure

Adult Contemporary

Blue Smoke and Lure
Official Cover Coming Soon!

Minerva Bludenz is an up-and-coming thirty something, dating down and navigating her way through a stream of less-than-awesome-dead-end jobs, as she hustles through the pitfalls and punishment of the publishing industry. As the eldest sibling of the Bludenz brood, she meticulously oversees the rest of the Bludenz family as they unapologetically hit-up the American dream. Will Minerva see the Bludenz family rise against a system built against them or will they become casualties of their own ambition?

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Readers spill about Of Hustle and Heart.

Not your average coming of age story..

I couldn't stop reading this book. I got to the end and kept turning the pages screaming NOOOOOO, I need more! It's the coming of age story of an intelligent, street smart girl living with...
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Customer Review

Can't wait for the sequel!

Finally! I have been looking for a work that is relatable and honest, while being extremely entertaining at the same time. I found that and more in this book. It was definitely a page turner and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what..
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Briseis S. Lily is a marketing and communications student, turned author and lives in the surrounding areas of Houston, Texas. She’s a voracious reader, watches AMC and Netflix and is really-really into skin care and the well-read. Her debut novel Of Hustle and Heart is a contemporary, young-adult, coming-of-age, novel and Book one in the Of Heart Series. Book two in the series is scheduled for release in 2018, as well her first adult contemporary novel. Connect with Briseis on her Social Media and Goodreads.

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The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas
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How to be a good Wife by Emma Chapman

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Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

Briseis S. Lily Well, Of Hustle and Heart started off as a short story, it was to be a 1500-word cap in the Young Adult Romance category for a writing magazine. Around conception for original drafts for Of Hustle and Heart, I'd binge watched documentaries on drug trafficking and distribution in the eighties and the destruction and glamour that comes with that type of hype seriously fascinated me. It's a weird tie-in, but yeah. I wanted to tell that hustle and drug story from a female perspective and set it against a young adult romance. Back when I was working on the first drafts, I always pictured the story being a Clueless, (as if) meets the Godfather (drugs are a dirty business) hybrid. yeah, weird tie-in. I Think the novel that developed from all those early writings and drafts, is pretty good. I wanted this story to carry universal themes, and for the characters, above anything to just be real human beings. Emotional, Reckless, Passionate.

The book doesn't focus so much on the dealing for the main character, but really is a contrasting look at the relationship that begins to develop between Zina and Zack, the two focal characters, who are leading two separate lives.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

Briseis S. Lily I read an article a few years ago that said there was no such thing as writer’s block. After writing of Hustle and Heart I finally understand what that means. I don't think "writers block" is what I'd call my experience. It's more like waiting for the characters to speak or react to what's happening to them or around them. You can't force it to happen. Sometimes you gotta just sit and wait. Rewriting the last 70 pages of the book involved me sitting and waiting.

What’s the best thing about being a writer?

Briseis S. Lily Ahh, well if you are a writer then you already know the answer. Writers (in my opinion) are creative, thoughtful people who love and admire the written word and storytelling. The best thing about being a writer is being able to share those things on such an amazingly large scale! Being a vessel, expressing life's themes and human experiences is truly amazing. And having someone else (readers) relating to the stories you tell is the best part. Having someone relate to what you do and create, that’s the driving force behind creating anything.

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Release dates and plans for the Of Heart Series
OF HUSTLE AND HEART, book one is available on Amazon and BN in paperback, and in eBook on Kindle, iTunes, Nook and Kobo.

Release dates for Book two will be announced at the end of 2017.
Plans for Absolution of The Heart, book two in the Of Heart series is set for April 2017. So, prepare yourself and read book one now!

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